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Cody Morris, 18
Police say the teen stole soda from a McDonalds restaurant, after asking for a water cup. He faces felony charges.
Source: Washington County Sheriff's Office

Police Say Teen Faces Felony Charges After Stealing Soda From McDonalds

Wall Of Shame April 21, 2016 at 4:40 pm Comments are Disabled

An Arkansas man is facing felony charges after an incident involving a free water cup and some not free soda. According to a police report sent to 40/29 News, 18-year-old Cody Morris was arrested Monday. Police accused him of putting soda inside a water cup at a Springdale McDonald’s and then refusing to return the soda. Police say the manager he tried to stop the suspects from driving away, but he was hit by their car. The manager at the McDonald’s at 520 S. Thompson Street called police Monday to report a robbery, the report says. Police say the manager […]

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Source: Arkansas State Police

Arkansas Troopers Surprise 10-Year-Old After No One Came To His Party

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A 10-year-old boy in Arkansas gets a big surprise from a group of Arkansas State Troopers after inviting children to his birthday party earlier this month, but nobody showed up. What happened two days later is something he’ll always remember. A group of state troopers came to his home, and they brought cake and celebrated his birthday with him. Ten-year-old Toxey’s mother says that she posted on Facebook that her son was disappointed that no one came to his party. The day the troopers came by she wrote, “This afternoon, after Toxey got home from school, a caravan of five […]

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Source: Youtube/HLN

Accused Slender Man Stabbers Want Release

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Two Wisconsin girls accused of trying to kill their friend as a sacrifice to the horror fiction character Slender Man are seeking their release. They’ve been in custody nearly two years in custody, and say they’re not dangerous and can return to family. An attorney for one of the girls adds that his client is a vulnerable inmate. He says she was sexually assaulted last year at a county detention center where she is being held. CBS reports that a judge will consider the girls’ requests Friday. The prosecutor had no comment on Wednesday. The girls were 12 years old when […]

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Via Davis County Jail

Utah Mom Sentenced to Prison for Lying about Her Son’s Potty Training Death

Wall Of Shame April 16, 2016 at 6:25 pm Comments are Disabled

A Utah mom has been sentenced to serve up to 15 years in prison for lying to police after her boyfriend brutally beat her 2-year-old son – a reaction to failed attempts at potty training, according to The Salt Lake Tribune. Jasmine Ruth Bridgeman, 24, pleaded guilty to obstruction of justice, a second-degree felony in March. On Monday, 2nd District Judge John Morris said her prison time was an appropriate punishment for her withholding from police the truth about what happened to her son. “Your actions were as abhorrent as they are heartbreaking in light of the care expected as […]

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(Via Pinellas County Sheriff's Office)

Florida Man Tells Police Too Much Masturbation and Music Caused Him to Vandalize Home

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A Florida man gave police the wildest explanation for vandalizing property following his arrest. He told police he had “listened to too much music and masturbated too much and he felt like going out and destroying stuff,” the incident report states, obtained by The Smoking Gun. Police arrested 25-year-old William Thomas on Friday after causing more than $2,000 in damages to a Clearwater home and boat that belonged to Davor Jerkovic, arrest records show. According to Tampa, Florida station, WFLA, someone reported seeing a man on the property smashing mailboxes. Police found Thomas at the residence shirtless and covered in […]

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(Via Corpus Christi Police Department's Facebook Page)

Corpus Christi Police Department Reunites Toddler with Lost “Stuffed” Friend

Awesome Cops In Actions April 16, 2016 at 6:21 pm Comments are Disabled

A San Antonio, Texas 2-year-old boy lost his best friend “Dit-Dee” while on vacation in Corpus Christi. When his stuffed kangaroo friend didn’t make the return trip home, the boy’s parents contacted the Corpus Christi Police. The police department’s quick actions led to a happy reunion. In response, the Corpus Christi Police put out an “A.P.B.” for Alexander’s lost companion on Facebook April 11. A day later, there was positive news for the boy. His stuffed animal friend was found on Padre Island at a shop called Ocean Treasures. Cashier, Lisa Force, remembered seeing the Kangaroo in a lost and […]

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Constable Alden Clopton
Source: Youtube/wochit news

Deputy Constable Shot Six Times, Expected To Recover, Officials Say

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A Houston deputy constable was shot multiple times in the back during an ambush, authorities say. Houston Police spokesman Kese Smith says Constable Alden Clopton was approached from behind and shot six times outside of a convenience store. Police say that he was standing next to another deputy constable’s vehicle at the time of the shooting at 11:20 p.m. on Wednesday. Dr. Joseph Love treated the Harris County Precinct 7 Deputy Constable. Dr. Love says the deputy constable has six wounds to his abdomen and chest areas. He added that the constable is doing quite well. He said some bullets […]

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Local children pretend to be under arrest when officers drive by. Local officer uses it as a learning opportunity.
Source: Memphis Police

A Cop Saw Some Kids Pretending To Get Arrested, What He Did Next Is Awesome

Awesome Cops In Actions April 16, 2016 at 6:15 pm Comments are Disabled

It’s an image that one Memphis Police officer could not ignore. Officer Rico Donald says when he drove by some kids playing outside a home in Whitehaven, they immediately put their arms over their head like they were under arrest. Donald used it as a learning opportunity.  Officer Rico stopped and talked to the kids, telling them that they didn’t have to be scared of him and that they certainly weren’t under arrest. He says it’s common for kids to act like this when he’s on shift, but he wanted to take the time and explain to them that they […]

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Source: Odessa Police

Woman Caught on Camera Stealing Ring from Dead Woman in Casket

WTF! April 16, 2016 at 6:11 pm Comments are Disabled

A woman is caught on camera stealing a ring from a corpse that was on display at a Texas funeral home. Odessa Police were called out to the Sunsety Memorial Gardens and Funeral home. Police say it was a theft from a deceased person. Surveillance footage shared by Odessa Police showed the unidentified suspect appearing to twist the finger of 88-year-old Lois Hicks, who was lying inside an open casket at the funeral home in Odessa on Friday afternoon. The suspect reportedly tore off part of Hicks’ skin during the theft. Police say that the suspect took off in a […]

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Example of a corgi dog. Actual police dog in training at Moscow Police Department is not pictured.
Source: Wikimedia Commons

Welsh Corgis to be Put to Test as Police Dogs in Russia

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It sounds like one police force may soon have the most adorable police force in the world. The Moscow, Russia police department’s canine unit is planning to train Welsh corgis. Officers there believe the breed would be good to assist in their police work. It was reported by Russian state news agency RIA Novosti, and according to Newsweek’s translation of the story. The report says specifically, officials are hoping that the short-legged dogs can help them sniff out bombs and other contraband. For now, it was reported the department has two puppies are in training. “It is not certain that they […]

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