Blake Zengo
Source: Youtube/Clarke County Sheriff's Office

Man Charged After Unleashing Massive Stinky Fart At A Bar, Police Say

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It sounds like a classic joke: A man walks into a bar and lets out a massive, smelly fart. But in this case police took 20-year-old Blake Zengo into custody, accusing him of unleashing a foul-smelling fart spray at an Athens, Georgia bar known as Whiskey Bent. Police on the scene told USA Today College that patrons complained that he was spraying people with fart spray. Police say the man denied the accusations, but was slurring his speech and had a strong odor of alcohol on his breath. Police say they identified the man with his ID and that another […]

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Source: Odessa Police

Woman Caught on Camera Stealing Ring from Dead Woman in Casket

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A woman is caught on camera stealing a ring from a corpse that was on display at a Texas funeral home. Odessa Police were called out to the Sunsety Memorial Gardens and Funeral home. Police say it was a theft from a deceased person. Surveillance footage shared by Odessa Police showed the unidentified suspect appearing to twist the finger of 88-year-old Lois Hicks, who was lying inside an open casket at the funeral home in Odessa on Friday afternoon. The suspect reportedly tore off part of Hicks’ skin during the theft. Police say that the suspect took off in a […]

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Via Ewen Roberts/Flickr

Man On Tree Trimming Job Attacks Boss With Chainsaw, Police Say

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A witness tells the Daily Breeze a chaotic scene where a man at a Southern California tree-trimming company and a chainsaw “just kind of hit the fan” Tuesday morning. He was described as a disgruntled man wielding a chainsaw and chasing a foreman with his truck. It all went down at  the Edison Storage Yard in Torrance, authorities say. He was shot at Tuesday during a confrontation with police officers, authorities and witnesses said. A co-worker took a video on his cell phone that shows the man driving in circles in a utility truck, throwing rocks at his boss and […]

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Via Jules Morgan/Flickr

Thief Caught On Camera Taking $2K Worth Of Cheese, Police Say

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A “provolone poacher” has struck at a Colorado restaurant, this time saying “cheese” for security cameras. Cops are on the lookout for the man after close to $2,000 worth of the Italian cheese that is used as an ingredient to make pizza was reportedly stolen. Police say the cheese heist happened at  Do Drop Inn, in Pueblo, Colorado, sometime between 3:15 and 7:15 a.m. Tuesday. The restaurant doors were damaged and restaurant manager Kevin Romero tells the Pueblo Chieftain that the thief broke through padlocks on a restaurant freezer to get to the cheese. The total value was around $1,900 […]

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Telly Corey, 41
Source: Facebook/Smoking Gun

Bus Passenger Masterbates For Three Hours In Front Of Terrified Woman, Police Say

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Police say a bus passenger masturbated for “up to three hours” in front a terrified female passenger. He was traveling on a Megabus, according to Coralville, Iowa police. They say that the suspect continued pleasuring himself during the ride because he thought a female victim “was enjoying it.” Cops were called out on Sunday afternoon to a bus station in Coralville, which is an Iowa City suburb, to meet an arriving Megabus. According to a criminal complaint, officers were told that passenger Telly Shadell Corey, 41, “was on the bus with his penis exposed to a female passenger that was […]

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Source: City of Morro Bay

Man Who Scaled Cliff To Propose To Girlfriend, Arrested For Drugs

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A romance thats off to a rocky start.  Authorities say a California man climbed Morro Rock to propose to his girlfriend, but emergency crews had to rescue him, and then he was later arrested for drug charges. Morro Rock is a 600 foot rock located in Morro Bay in Central California. Authorities say he climbed up Morro Rock, but then he got stuck while trying to climb down. He was rescued Thursday, April 7, 2016, by Morro Bay firefighters with the help of a California Highway Patrol helicopter. He told authorities he climbed the rock to propose to his girlfriend via Facetime, […]

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Tasha Shontell Hatcher, 35
Source: Youtube/World Latest News

Texas Mother Accused Of Burning Toddler In Oven

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Texas officials say a woman has confessed to putting her toddler in an oven, burning the child. Witnesses told deputies that the mother told them she had done the deed, and then Somervell County Sheriff’s Office investigators went to the home. They say the child had appeared to have suffered burns. They say 35-year-old Tasha Shontell Hatcher admitted she placed her two-year-old child in the oven. Authorities took the child to a hospital in Fort Worth before she was transported by air ambulance to the Parkland Memorial Hospital Burn Center in Dallas. Texas Child Protective Services spokeswoman Marissa Gonzales said the child is now […]

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“Nazi Dad” Arrested for Assault Charges After Months on the Run

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A tip led Shippensburg Police to find and arrest a man known as “Nazi Dad,” wanted out of New Jersey. He has a warrant for assaulting his fiancée, reported The Smoking Gun. Isidore Heath Campbell,42, became known in 2008 after he requested his son’s birthday cake be decorated using the spelling of his full name: Adolf Hitler Campbell. The ShopRite store refused to do so, but Campbell found a Walmart who would write it. Cops have been actively hunting for Campbell for several months, until last week when an owner of a tattoo shop in Pennsylvania dialed 911 to report that he […]

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Source: Seattle Police

Seattle Police Catch Masked Masturbator On Camera, Now Seeking Leads

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A masked man is caught on camera exposing his private parts and publicly pleasuring himself outside a home in Seattle’s University District. The creepy nightcrawler has not been taken into custody. Seattle Police are now seeking leads in the case looking for someone who can identify the person they say is a suspected serial masturbator. As you can see from the surveillance pictures, he has himself covered in dark clothes, a mask, and five-toed shoes, also known as barefoot shoes. On a night vision camera the clothing appears white. The department posted multiple pictures of the suspect on its crime […]

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Steven Burton, 30
Source: Youtube/TomoNews

Police: Emergency Crews Rescue Naked Burglary Suspect From Tree

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A bizarre rescue for authorities in Pendleton, Oregon, freeing a naked burglary suspect who was dangling by his leg from a tree. This after police say the naked man walked into a woman’s home and said two words to her, “Hi Honey!” as he tried to hug her. Steve Burton, 30, had been swimming naked in a river and went to a home alongside the river that he apparently believed he owned, Chief Stuart Roberts of the Pendleton Police Department, told Police say Burton entered the home and found Gail Wilson, a former corrections officer who has muscular dystrophy. Burton […]

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