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Chicago Police hailing two of their own as heroes after using a defibrillator to revive an officer. They posted this picture of the women on their Facebook page.
Source: Chicago Police/Facebook

Quick Acting Police Officers Save Life Of Fellow Cop Following Collapse

Awesome Cops In Actions March 8, 2016 at 8:37 pm Comments are Disabled

Quick acting police officers save one of their own, after a Chicago police officer suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. Police say it happened March 5, 2016, just before 10 p.m. in the lobby of the Public Safety Headquarters building. The incident happened during shift change and multiple police officers were in the lobby and came to the aid of the officer, a 29-year veteran of the department, police said. Officer Norma Colon and her partner, Officer Beata Staszewski rushed to help right after the officer collapsed in front of them. Staszewski says she quickly ran up and started chest compressions, while […]

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Whiteland Police Officer helps this homeless panhandler.
Source: Whiteland Police Department/Facebook

Whiteland Police Officer Praised After Helping Homeless Panhandler

Awesome Cops In Actions March 8, 2016 at 2:13 pm Comments are Disabled

Police body camera footage posted to the Whiteland Police Department’s Facebook page shows the Saturday encounter between Whiteland Police Officer Tyler Croy and a homeless man asking for money. In the video, Officer Croy approaches the man and gives this warning: “Unfortunately, it is against the city of Whiteland, the town of Whiteland to solicit without a permit,” officer Croy says in the video. The man showed Officer Croy a sign that said,“Homeless, please help, God bless.”  After talking with the man a few minutes officer Croy offers the man $3, which was the only cash he had on him. […]

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Deputies visit Cpl. Gist at the hospital. Source: Facebook/Berkeley County Sheriff's Office

Deputies Rally Around One Of Their Own After Shooting In The Line Of Duty

Awesome Cops In Actions March 3, 2016 at 5:45 am Comments are Disabled

  South Carolina deputies take time out of their day to show support and send prayers for the recovery of one of their own. The Berkeley County Sheriff’s Office says Cpl. Kimber Gist, while on patrol, was shot multiple times by a suspect. They say she was checking out a suspicious vehicle parked behind a closed grocery store. Authorities say  Cpl. Gist got into a fight with one of the people inside the parked vehicle before the suspect opened fire, striking her. They say she was wearing body armor at the time and taken to Trident Hospital for surgery. The […]

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Source: Pueblo County Sheriff's Office/St. Baldrick's

Deputies, Employee To Go Bald To Raise Money To Fight Childhood Cancer

Awesome Cops In Actions February 29, 2016 at 11:03 pm Comments are Disabled

Three Pueblo County Colorado Sheriff’s Office employees will lose their locks for a good cause, raising money and awareness for funding childhood cancer research. Patrol deputies Brad Riccillo and Dave Morey along with Jeff Reynolds, radio systems coordinator in the Emergency Services Bureau, will be shearing their hair to shore up support for children’s cancer research at the 2016 St. Baldrick’s fundraising event scheduled for March 12. The three PCSO employees are among the first group of first responders to be shaved  during the annual children’s cancer fundraising event, to benefit St. Baldrics Foundation. The PCSO is a sponsor of the […]

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Source: Milwaukee Police

Milwaukee Police Officers Deliver Care Packages To Homeless

Awesome Cops In Actions February 27, 2016 at 11:42 am Comments are Disabled

Charitable giving may be dropping off this time of year, police say, but a team off police officers are stepping in to help the homeless. Officers with the Milwaukee, WI Police Department’s “Homeless Outreach Team” partnered with an area grocery store, Roundy’s Supermarket, to collect necessities, such as food, water, socks, gloves and hygiene items, for those in need. The team, which consists of about 100 specially trained officers, recently hit the streets with care packages for homeless people. Police say the grocery store provided at least 50 boxes. Police say that the team has a goal of helping to […]

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Sgt. Seth Klehm
Source: Brenham Police Department

Texas Officers Take Crash Impact To Save Sick Woman, Other Drivers

Awesome Cops In Actions February 26, 2016 at 12:03 am Comments are Disabled

Brenham police officers say they responded to a dangerous driver who was on the wrong side of the roadway, hitting mailboxes and driving erratically She was either having a reaction to something or perhaps a diabetic, but her inability to respond to instructions or failing to notice events was telling to officers, reports Wide Blue Line. “She was diaphoretic and she appeared to have a medical situation because she wasn’t paying attention to any of the signals we were giving to her,” said Sgt. Seth Klehm to KAGSTV. The woman was heading for traffic that had stopped ahead. Klehm then […]

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(via WTAE-TV Pittsburgh)

Plum, PA Police Officers Save 5 Children and 2 Adults from House Fire

Awesome Cops In Actions February 25, 2016 at 3:14 pm Comments are Disabled

A family is alive today after the quick actions and teamwork of three Plum Borough police officers. When Officers Crystal Iachini, Eric Callen and Sgt. Jay Kapusta got the call about an early morning house fire Saturday, they immediately went along with the fire department to see if they could be of help. The officers were first to arrive to the house and saw thick smoke coming from it, according to Officer Callen and Sgt. Kapusta entered the smoke-filled home together and found a woman who was holding an infant and helped them to safety. “I had my flashlight out […]

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Via Must See/YouTube

A Corpus Christi Cop Saves Man from Burning Vehicle

Awesome Cops In Actions February 25, 2016 at 3:05 pm Comments are Disabled

(Via Police Center – News & Pursuits) A Corpus Christi, Texas police officer’s heroic actions saved a driver’s life. On Feb. 22, Police Officer Jon McGinley was at the right place at the right time. He noticed a vehicle traveling at a high speed on the Crosstown Expressway just before 6:30 that evening. Acting on instinct, the officer chose to follow the vehicle. This would turnout to be a life-saving move for the driver at the wheel. Officer McGinley saw the driver of the Suburban lose control near the turn ramp of the expressway then crash into the guardrail and […]

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A West Virginia Police Officer’s Act of Kindness Brings Smiles to the Faces of Many – and One Sweet 4-Year-Old Girl

A West Virginia Police Officer’s Act of Kindness Brings Smiles to the Faces of Many – and One Sweet 4-Year-Old Girl

Awesome Cops In Actions February 24, 2016 at 4:27 pm Comments are Disabled

This photo may appear to be an ordinary day: a police officer in line for lunch. That is until you take a closer look and see a little girl next to him, sporting similar attire. This was no coincidence or ordinary lunch encounter – particularly for a lucky 4-year-old girl named JadeLynn. For her, this day meant everything. See, when it came time for her mom to ask what JadeLynn wanted for her birthday, she had a definitive answer: She wanted a “lunch date” with a police officer – and her mom, ElizaBeth Hoskinson Gross, made to sure to make […]

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(via Sheriff Deputies)

A Texas Boy Will No Longer Have to Walk 7 Miles to Store Thanks to a Special Deputy

Awesome Cops In Actions February 24, 2016 at 4:02 pm Comments are Disabled

A San Patricio County Texas Deputy spotted a young boy holding grocery bags along a roadway while on patrol Feb. 20. Rather than driving along, Deputy Rachelle Farmer stopped to chat with him to figure out his story. The stop would change his life. According to Action 10 News, James Constain told Deputy Farmer he was walking to Walmart because his dad was not physically able to go. The boy had to make a few returns and had to get groceries. The 13-year-old boy also said their family was without vehicle, as Facebook page Sheriff Deputies notes. When the family […]

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