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Officer Cole shares pictures he says were sent to him on his non-profit's Facebook page.
Source: Heroes & Cops Against Childhood Cancer/Facebook

Officer Dresses As Spiderman To Honor Boy At His Funeral

Awesome Cops In Actions April 21, 2016 at 4:45 pm Comments are Disabled

A Fort Worth, Texas police officer dressed as Spiderman for the funeral of a five-year-old boy. Family members of Joshua Garcia say officer Damon Cole was a superhero to them, so they asked him to dress as Spiderman for the young boy’s funeral. Officer Cole was the first officer on the scene after the boy was reported missing in Fort Worth earlier this month. The officer went into a backyard swimming pool, which was filled with murky water, to search for him, says a Fort Worth police department spokesman to CNN. The spokesman says the water was almost black and […]

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Cops shave heads and raise money to benefit Canadian Cancer Service.
Source: Toronto Police Service

Toronto Police Shave Heads In Support Of Cancer Awareness

Awesome Cops In Actions April 21, 2016 at 4:45 pm Comments are Disabled

Toronto Police Service officers have shaved their heads for a good cause, raising money and awareness of cancer. It was the 20th annual Cops for Cancer Toronto fundraiser at the Yorkdale Mall on April 16. Officers pledge to raise money and do so by telling their donors they will be shaving their heads for the money. “My uncle succumbed to prostate cancer last year, and I lost a good friend to the disease the year before,” Constable Errol De Abreu said in a news release by the TPS. “But, even before they lost their battles, I knew of the seriousness of […]

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Source: Arkansas State Police

Arkansas Troopers Surprise 10-Year-Old After No One Came To His Party

Awesome Cops In Actions April 16, 2016 at 6:43 pm Comments are Disabled

A 10-year-old boy in Arkansas gets a big surprise from a group of Arkansas State Troopers after inviting children to his birthday party earlier this month, but nobody showed up. What happened two days later is something he’ll always remember. A group of state troopers came to his home, and they brought cake and celebrated his birthday with him. Ten-year-old Toxey’s mother says that she posted on Facebook that her son was disappointed that no one came to his party. The day the troopers came by she wrote, “This afternoon, after Toxey got home from school, a caravan of five […]

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(Via Corpus Christi Police Department's Facebook Page)

Corpus Christi Police Department Reunites Toddler with Lost “Stuffed” Friend

Awesome Cops In Actions April 16, 2016 at 6:21 pm Comments are Disabled

A San Antonio, Texas 2-year-old boy lost his best friend “Dit-Dee” while on vacation in Corpus Christi. When his stuffed kangaroo friend didn’t make the return trip home, the boy’s parents contacted the Corpus Christi Police. The police department’s quick actions led to a happy reunion. In response, the Corpus Christi Police put out an “A.P.B.” for Alexander’s lost companion on Facebook April 11. A day later, there was positive news for the boy. His stuffed animal friend was found on Padre Island at a shop called Ocean Treasures. Cashier, Lisa Force, remembered seeing the Kangaroo in a lost and […]

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Local children pretend to be under arrest when officers drive by. Local officer uses it as a learning opportunity.
Source: Memphis Police

A Cop Saw Some Kids Pretending To Get Arrested, What He Did Next Is Awesome

Awesome Cops In Actions April 16, 2016 at 6:15 pm Comments are Disabled

It’s an image that one Memphis Police officer could not ignore. Officer Rico Donald says when he drove by some kids playing outside a home in Whitehaven, they immediately put their arms over their head like they were under arrest. Donald used it as a learning opportunity.  Officer Rico stopped and talked to the kids, telling them that they didn’t have to be scared of him and that they certainly weren’t under arrest. He says it’s common for kids to act like this when he’s on shift, but he wanted to take the time and explain to them that they […]

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Source: City of Stillwater

Police, City Officials Swear In 10-Year-Old with Disability as Honorary Officer

Awesome Cops In Actions April 13, 2016 at 7:49 pm Comments are Disabled

An honorary officer has joined the ranks of the Stillwater Police Department, at just ten years old! Police say Riley Hoffman, age 10, is a young man with an interest in being a police officer or fireman, but he is faced is with some challenging physical and medical issues and because of that he believed he would never get the chance to join the force. SPD decided that was unacceptable and set up with the city to swear Riley into the force. “We are flattered and honored that Riley wants to join our ranks,” Stillwater Police Captain Kyle Gibbs said. […]

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Source: Martin County Sheriff's Office

Quick Thinking Deputy Stops Runaway Truck, Saves 70-Year-Old Driver

Awesome Cops In Actions April 11, 2016 at 12:22 pm Comments are Disabled

A Martin County Sheriff’s Office deputy used some quick thinking to stop a runaway truck and save a 70-year-old driver. Dianne Cohoon, 70, called 911 frantically because she needed help. She told dispatchers her 1989 pickup truck wouldn’t slow down. “I cannot stop the truck. I cannot get it below 45 MPH. I have 1/8 of a tank left, I’ve been trying to run it out,” Cohoon is heard saying on a 911 dispatch recording obtained by WPTV. “I’ve got to make it through Indiantown without killing anybody and I’m scared,” Cohoon said. Law enforcement units were trying to get […]

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Tampa Police Department’s horse Chad has a taste for sweets.
Source: Tampa Police

Police Horse Enjoys Krispy Kreme Doughnuts For Good Cause

Awesome Cops In Actions April 7, 2016 at 12:52 pm Comments are Disabled

It’s not just cops who enjoy their daily stop at the doughnuts shop, the old stereotype also extends to their police horses as well. This was the case for a Tampa Florida Police Department horse, at least. The horses there have developed quite a taste for the sweet treats, especially enjoying those donuts served hot and fresh by Krispy Kreme. The department has made it clear that their horses love the donuts too! Recently, a doughnut-munching police equine was caught on camera gobbling down a doughnuts right out of an employee’s hand at the Krispy Kreme on North Florida Avenue. […]

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Officer Paul Wilson
Source: Facebook/Cohasset Police Department

Police Officer Helps Out During Medical Emergency On Flight

Awesome Cops In Actions April 5, 2016 at 10:22 am Comments are Disabled

A police officer from Massachusetts is now being recognized for helping out and keeping the situation calm and secure during a medical emergency on board a commercial flight. Cohasset Police Officer Paul Wilson was just a passenger flying on Delta when another passenger needed help with a medical emergency and no other help was available. Officer Wilson was on the way to attend a conference in Atlanta. While flying from Massachusetts to Atlanta the medical situation occurred. The person needed immediate attention and flight attendants put a call out for any doctors onboard, but there was no answer. Then they […]

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Source: 28 to Life Facebook

Police Take Members of Youth Empowerment Group To Court, Ball Court That Is

Awesome Cops In Actions March 31, 2016 at 9:57 pm Comments are Disabled

Ten St. Louis police officers face off with a group of young people and mentors from the group “28 to Life” on the basketball court. The officers spent a Saturday afternoon for its first “Bridging the Gap” charity game in hopes of bringing community members and police together. 28 to Life is an initiative that aims to empower the youth to be strong leaders, or superheroes, as they say, and to improve relations between police and the youth. Community organizer Bruce Franks Jr. leads the effort, which is based in South City. He is also a known Ferguson protestor. “It’s […]

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