Thief Caught On Camera Taking $2K Worth Of Cheese, Police Say

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A “provolone poacher” has struck at a Colorado restaurant, this time saying “cheese” for security cameras. Cops are on the lookout for the man after close to $2,000 worth of the Italian cheese that is used as an ingredient to make pizza was reportedly stolen. Police say the cheese heist happened at  Do Drop Inn, in Pueblo, Colorado, sometime between 3:15 and 7:15 a.m. Tuesday.

The restaurant doors were damaged and restaurant manager Kevin Romero tells the Pueblo Chieftain that the thief broke through padlocks on a restaurant freezer to get to the cheese. The total value was around $1,900 he says, and nothing else was taken. Per a police report, the suspect left behind clues such as a crowbar and other “biological evidence.”

Many say are calling this a bizarre theft story. Management at the Do Drop Inn say that a man starting breaking into their storage shed about six weeks ago. “The first time they came in they stole about probably five or six boxes,” Romero tells KOAA. “The second time was eight to ten boxes, and now the 19 boxes.” After the second heist, the restaurant installed a camera surveillance system. Romero says the restaurant has been hit up for cheese three items.

Romero says that he believes the suspect is selling the stolen cheese, but where exactly he says is not clear. “There’s a lot of people in town that like to sell things that are stolen in local bars and local restaurants and things of that nature, so we’re still on the lookout for it,” Romero said.

Do Drop Inn shared this on its Facebook page, “Thank you to everyone who has called and sent messages trying to help us find the cheese bandit! We still have not caught him. We are now offering a cash reward and a gift certificate to Do Drop for anyone who gives information that leads to the arrest of the cheese bandit! Please share!”

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