Arkansas Troopers Surprise 10-Year-Old After No One Came To His Party

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A 10-year-old boy in Arkansas gets a big surprise from a group of Arkansas State Troopers after inviting children to his birthday party earlier this month, but nobody showed up.

What happened two days later is something he’ll always remember. A group of state troopers came to his home, and they brought cake and celebrated his birthday with him.

Ten-year-old Toxey’s mother says that she posted on Facebook that her son was disappointed that no one came to his party. The day the troopers came by she wrote, “This afternoon, after Toxey got home from school, a caravan of five state troopers pulled up at our house, K-9 included. Not only did they bring him a birthday cookie cake, but they also brought him all kinds of presents, let him play with Rhino, the K-9, and play with the sirens in their cars.”

“They had come to give me all that stuff and make up their own birthday party for me,” Toxey Ahrabli told KTHV. “I cried a little bit because they did that for me.”

“We thought there were at least five kids coming,” Andrews told ABC News, “and once it came the day of the party, I actually only had a phone call from one parent.” And that parent called to say their child was sick.

An hour and a half after the party started, Andrews was certain Toxey was in for a big disappointment. His sister was also celebrating her birthday, and all of her friends were there. “He just lost it, just started crying,” Andrews said.

His mother and he are now saying these troopers should be recognized for the wonderful people they are.

“Cpl. David Forthman, along with Troopers Terry Sawyer, Kyle Sheldon, Brandon Cook, and Tim Callison are the reason we become troopers. We all want to make a difference,” state police posted on Facebook.

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