South Jersey Police Officer Honored For Saving Three Lives In 10 Days

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An Evesham Township Police Officer is being hailed a true hero, and the department is praising him as “Officer of the Month” for March. Police say that he saved three lives on three separate shifts, and he helped in the arrest of a suspect for attempted murder.

Officer Brian Strockbine has been a member of the Evesham Police Department for 11 years.

ETPD says on March 8, 2016, Officer Strockbine responded to a home after reports of a dead woman on the front lawn. The officer was the only officer on the scene and determined she did not have a pulse and was not breathing. They say he immediately began CPR and after about three minutes they say that the victim opened her eyes and began breathing.

“Officer Strockbine stayed with the victim until she was turned over to medical personnel. While the victim was being treated in the ambulance, she regain consciousness and provided officers with information that lead to her husband’s arrest for 1st Degree Criminal Attempt Homicide, 2nd Degree Aggravated Assault and 3rd Degree Evidence Tampering,” the department says.

“We don’t do this job to be thanked or for the recognition,” Strockbine tells Eyewitness News. “I love being a police officer and that day made me so proud.”

On March 17, 2016, police say Officer Strockbine responded to another woman at a location and not breathing. They say that Officer Strockbine immediately began CPR on the victim and she eventually was stabilized thanks to his efforts.

Then on March 12, 2016, police say Officer Strockbine responded to a car crash with injuries. They say that Officer Strockbine was first on the scene of a vehicle filled with smoke and about to catch fire with a victim trapped inside. They say that Officer Strockbine broke the passenger side window and carried the victim to safety. They say the victim was taken to a hospital where he survived. Police say he was unconscious and having a diabetic attack at the time of the crash.

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