Police, City Officials Swear In 10-Year-Old with Disability as Honorary Officer

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An honorary officer has joined the ranks of the Stillwater Police Department, at just ten years old! Police say Riley Hoffman, age 10, is a young man with an interest in being a police officer or fireman, but he is faced is with some challenging physical and medical issues and because of that he believed he would never get the chance to join the force.

SPD decided that was unacceptable and set up with the city to swear Riley into the force. “We are flattered and honored that Riley wants to join our ranks,” Stillwater Police Captain Kyle Gibbs said. “In fact, we are thankful for people like Riley who remind us of why we wanted to serve the community to begin with.”

Riley took the oath of honorary officer in front of city council, and Mayor Gina Noble proclaimed April 4th as Riley Hoffman day in the city. The same judge who swore in most of the other officers in the department who came out to the ceremony, administered the oath was administered to Riley.

Source: City of Stillwater

Source: City of Stillwater

Capt. Gibbs said he wanted everything to be identical for Riley as any other officer. The only thing that was different was the word “honorary” written into the oath.

“In all my 31 years I’ve never done that. I’ve never been part of it so it was a great delight to get to do it,” Gibbs said.

“It’s just kind of special for Riley. He’s just always said he wanted to be a cop and this is probably his only chance to actually be able to do that. So it’s very special. A big deal for us,” Riley’s mom Stephenie Tweedy said.

Tweedy said her son’s obsession with the police force began when a K9 officer visited his school four years ago. Riley is also a big fan of the fire department.

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