Police Officer Helps Out During Medical Emergency On Flight

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A police officer from Massachusetts is now being recognized for helping out and keeping the situation calm and secure during a medical emergency on board a commercial flight. Cohasset Police Officer Paul Wilson was just a passenger flying on Delta when another passenger needed help with a medical emergency and no other help was available.

Officer Wilson was on the way to attend a conference in Atlanta. While flying from Massachusetts to Atlanta the medical situation occurred. The person needed immediate attention and flight attendants put a call out for any doctors onboard, but there was no answer. Then they asked for anyone with medical experience such as a nurse or EMT, and Officer Wilson stepped up to the call of duty.

Delta flight attendant wrote a letter to Cohasset Chief William Quigley about her experience with Officer Wilson during the situation, which occurred on March 27, 2016.

Dear Chief William Quigley:

I hope this letter finds you well. I am writing because of an outstanding officer (who was off duty) rose to the challenge when one could have heard a pin drop (on one of the loudest planes).

Officer Paul Wilson was flying on Delta when we had a medical emergency onboard. After we made an announcement requesting assistance from any Doctor onboard, there was no response. I then made an announcement requesting anyone in the medical field, nurse or EMT.

Officer Wilson graciously came to the back. When he offered his service, I immediately questioned him (and surprised him) by asking to see his credentials. You never can be too careful, so I checked his badge and license.

We had a very sick young lady and like a professional, Officer Wilson used his experience and knowledge to assess the situation. He was careful and calm, instantly creating a safe and secure atmosphere.

It was as if he were part of the crew — communicating, assessing and evaluating the incidence. He was helpful and attentive. Officer Wilson kept an eye on this traveler throughout the remainder of the flight — even during final descent and after landing.

In today’s world where so much hate and terror are manifested, it’s truly a blessing to know that there are people like Officer Wilson that are willing to offer help without expecting anything in return.

He is an example of an outstanding American and is a great representation of the Cohasset Police Department. The members of law enforcement risk their lives every day but even off duty, Officer Wilson chose to be a hero for the greater good of our mankind.

Thank you for instilling faith and hope in our society. For this, I truly thank you and I know that sick young lady and the rest of my crew thanks you as well, Officer Wilson.

-Virginia Estelle Mathios

Cohasset Police said Wilson was in Atlanta representing the department as part of the National Opioid Conference.  

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