“Nazi Dad” Arrested for Assault Charges After Months on the Run

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A tip led Shippensburg Police to find and arrest a man known as “Nazi Dad,” wanted out of New Jersey. He has a warrant for assaulting his fiancée, reported The Smoking Gun.

Isidore Heath Campbell,42, became known in 2008 after he requested his son’s birthday cake be decorated using the spelling of his full name: Adolf Hitler Campbell. The ShopRite store refused to do so, but Campbell found a Walmart who would write it.

Cops have been actively hunting for Campbell for several months, until last week when an owner of a tattoo shop in Pennsylvania dialed 911 to report that he was in the parlor – about 150 miles away from Holland Township.

The Daily News reported the alleged assault took place in October during an argument.

Bethanie Zito identified herself as his fiancée and the woman who reported the domestic assault in a December interview with NJ.com. She said she made up the account of the assault, but officials wouldn’t let her retract her statements and drop charges.

She has said her facial injury was self-inflicted, after the argument in their Holland Township home. She said she was throwing around things in a shed out of anger, until a shelf fell on her and cut her face.

“I want to put it out there that he’s innocent,” said Zito. “He did not do this. He does not deserve to be in prison,” she said in the interview.

According to The Smoking Gun, Campbell was also in court for 2013 for visitation rights of his children. Adolf Hitler was removed from Campbell and his wife’s custody for abuse allegations. Campbell was said to have attended the New Jersey court proceedings in full Nazi symbols.

Campbell is being held in the Cumberland County jail until his extradition to New Jersey.


Lia Sestric

Lia Sestric

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