Seattle Police Catch Masked Masturbator On Camera, Now Seeking Leads

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A masked man is caught on camera exposing his private parts and publicly pleasuring himself outside a home in Seattle’s University District. The creepy nightcrawler has not been taken into custody.

Seattle Police are now seeking leads in the case looking for someone who can identify the person they say is a suspected serial masturbator. As you can see from the surveillance pictures, he has himself covered in dark clothes, a mask, and five-toed shoes, also known as barefoot shoes. On a night vision camera the clothing appears white. The department posted multiple pictures of the suspect on its crime blotter blog.

Police say they first received a report of a man’s lewd behavior on January 10, 2016. They say a woman called in to 911 reporting she had just seen the suspect masturbating outside the front door of her home. Police say after a search in the area they did not find the suspect. They say this was just one of several incidents involving the masturbating suspect.

They say not even one month later on February 7, the suspect was caught on surveillance camera, masturbating again. They say he was covered from head to toe in dark clothing, minus his hands and genitals were exposed.

Police say the residents of the home are female students at the nearby University of Washington. Police say say the students have reported hearing suspicious sounds outside their house on several occasions, and detectives believe the suspect may have gone to the home as many as four times since November 2015.

If you have any information about this case or recognize the suspect, please contact Seattle Police at (206) 684-5575.

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