Police: Emergency Crews Rescue Naked Burglary Suspect From Tree

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Steven Burton, 30 Source: Youtube/TomoNews

Steven Burton, 30
Source: Youtube/TomoNews

A bizarre rescue for authorities in Pendleton, Oregon, freeing a naked burglary suspect who was dangling by his leg from a tree. This after police say the naked man walked into a woman’s home and said two words to her, “Hi Honey!” as he tried to hug her.

Steve Burton, 30, had been swimming naked in a river and went to a home alongside the river that he apparently believed he owned, Chief Stuart Roberts of the Pendleton Police Department, told FoxNews.com. Police say Burton entered the home and found Gail Wilson, a former corrections officer who has muscular dystrophy. Burton told the woman, “Hi honey” and walked toward her to hug her. “I kept saying, ‘Get away from me! Get out of my house!’” Wilson said.

“My first thoughts were, this is it. This is my time. He’s going to rape me, beat me, kill me,” she told KPTV. She says he ended up taking her dog into another room for a few minutes.

Wilson says she called 911 and asked the man for his name, but at that point he got mad and ran out the door. Authorities say he was running from police, jumped a fence on the property and tumbled down a steep hill about 40 feet before getting his foot trapped in a tree, still nude.

It took rescuers three hours to remove Burton from the tree, and the whole time the suspect remained combative and verbal with the officers, Chief Roberts said. When he was removed from the tree and was on a skiff, he grabbed a deputy’s gun, but was stopped by other officers.

Police say he was taken to the hospital for examination and cops charged him with burglary, harassment, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest. He was taken to a local jail.

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