Popular Fairy Tale Characters Transformed Into Criminals

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As children, most of us have read the fairy tale classics Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Little Red Riding Hood and Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. What you may never have realized is that the characters who made these four classics famous aren’t as innocent and G-rated as the authors might have you to believe. Let’s be real here. If these characters were living in today’s world, their stories probably would have had very different endings. Keeping that in mind, artist Marilen Adrover decided to challenge the squeaky-clean image of these popular heroines, transforming them into the criminals they really are.

1. Red Riding Hood

In the classic folktale, Red Riding Hood pays a visit to her grandmother’s house only to find her turned into a mean, nasty “wolf.” Yeah, um, okay Red. If you say so. Afraid that she is about to be eaten, Red Riding Hood fights back and kills her attacker. Although she claims self-defense, cops don’t buy it. Home girl was clearly smoking something that caused her to hallucinate. Drug charges are pending, but she currently stands accused of killing her helpless granny with her bare hands.

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2. Alice In Wonderland

In this classic fairytale, Alice goes missing for days. According to her, she ends up in a place called “Wonderland”and encounters a talking cat, talking caterpillar and a talking rabbit. When she comes back to the real world, of course, no one believes her story–not even the po-po. After a thorough investigation, detectives conclude that she has taken one too many happy pills. She is charged with narcotics possession.

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3. Goldilocks And The Three Bears

In this popular fairytale, Goldilocks wanders away from home and stumbles upon the house of three bears. For whatever reason, she decides to go inside. She samples their porridge before deciding to take a nap in the baby bear’s bed. The three bears eventually return home and immediately called 9-1-1 when they find the intruder, Goldilocks, on their property. When police arrive, Goldilocks is arrested and hauled off to jail. She’s charged with unlawful entry.


4. Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs

In this classic fairy tale, Snow White takes refuge in the forest by living in a house belonging to “seven dwarfs.” She does this in order to “allegedly” hide from her evil stepmother, the Queen. cbd products least, that’s Snow White’s version of the story. However, after complaints from neighbors, police investigate the home and discover there is a little more to the story, and let’s just say it’s not good. Snow White isn’t quite so innocent after all, and cops charge her with sexual misconduct.

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*Photos used with artist’s permission.

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