Cab Driver’s Body Found Buried In Shallow Grave Near Apartment

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Pictured: Scot McNally

Pictured: Scott McNally

WEST PALM SPRINGS, FLORIDA–Scott McNally, a cab driver, was a victim of a senseless murder in West Palm Springs, Florida.

“We are asking for donations to help pay for his cremation, ashes transportation to Michigan and his burial,” stated Pam McNally.

According to WPTV-TV, McNally was one of two men found buried in shallow graves in the backyard of an apartment.

His boss, German Melendez, says McNally has dropped passengers off at that location in the past, and not long before both men went missing.

Melendez says he reported McNally missing when he hadn’t heard from him in about 3 days.

So far, there’s been no one arrested for the crime.

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