They’ve Been Dubbed The ‘Hip Hop Cops’ & They’re Pretty Talented

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Ever wonder what goes on inside of a patrol car? Well, you’re about to find out. Meet Officer Ariel Ronell and Officer Ranell Roy with the Rosenberg Police Department.  These two not only work hard covering their assigned beats, but they definitely know how to drop a beat, too.  In fact, it’s made them a viral sensation.  While starting their shift one day, the two began lip singing to Kay Perry’s chart topper ‘Dark Horse.’  They wanted to show that cops are people, too, and enjoy acting silly at times. We think it worked!


The video starts out with Officer Roy singing the part of Katy Perry…and he’s pretty darn good.



Officer Ronell then comes in with a very impressive rap solo. Take that, Kanye!



So with their first video going viral, could a sequel be in the works?  The officers say, “it could happen.” (so fingers crossed)

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