Wisconsin Police Show Off Fancy Dance Moves In ‘Happy’ Video

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MADISON, WISCONSIN–Britney, Beyonce and JLo watch out!  You’ve got some competition on the dance floor.  Enforcing the law and looking after students’ safety isn’t the only thing officers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison Police Department know how to do.  They can also cut a rug like no other!  Before school let out for the summer, some of the officers got together and did their own take of the popular song ‘Happy’ by singer Pharrell.Williams.  We must say it’s pretty amusing, and you can’t help but smile watching it.  These officers really give it all they’ve got–and, boy, has it paid off.  Their video has gone viral with thousands of people viewing the YouTube video from around the globe.

1. Just call him ‘Officer Dance-A-Lot.’  He’s really giving it his all here.














2. He’s not to be outdone by ‘McGruff the Crime Dog.’ Go on with your bad self!



3. Wave your (imaginary) guns in the air like you just don’t care.



4. No one can top the police chief.  Check out that fancy footwork!



5. Everybody say ‘Hey, Ho, Hey, Ho!’




6. And now for the finale. Here’s the video in its entirety.  You’ll love it!

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